Transport infrastructure

Favourable geographic position determines the transport system in the region, with intersection of major transcontinental railways, motorways and airways.

There is one international airport in the Region “Bolshoye Savino” (Big Savino) (PEE code). It has a cargo terminal with a capacity of 10000 tons a year, bonded warehouse, customs and border services. The airport has a 3200 meter long and 49 meter wide runway capable of receiving large aircrafts. 

“Permskie airlines” which owns the “Bolshoye Savino” airport exploit a license for conducting international flights worldwide (except for the Americas) and is registered with The International Organizations of Civilian Aviation (IKAO & IATA). In addition to Russian airlines flights to Perm are also carried out by Lufthansa. 

Two more airports are present in the Region: “Bakharevka” - small aviation airport with asphalt coating (temporary out of order) and “Froli” which has a runway with lining for sports and small aircraft.

KamaRiver(1500 km long) is an important link in the unifying deep-water system of the European part of Russia. The river connects the Region with European water-routes.

The four easternmost river ports in Europe are situated in the Region: Port Perm, Tchaikovsky Rechnoy Port, Port Levshino, Port Berezniki. A Locking Through System functions Permskaya (in the City of Perm) and Votkinskaya (Tchaikovsky city) hydroplants. 

It is possible to ship cargo from Kama river area to the sea ports of White, Baltic, Azov, Black and Caspian seas without reloading. Annual cargo-turnover in river-transports exceeds 5000000 tons/km. 

The largest cargo-carrier in charge of cargo shipments and passenger trafficking is Upravliayuschaya Kamskaya Sudohodnaya compania (Kamskaya heading shipping company) and Port Perm.

Transsibirskaya railway (Transsib) passes through the territory of the Region and links businesses and organizations of the Kamariver area with Central and Western Regions of the European part of the country, Siberiaand the Far East. 

Transit by rail freightage in the Region is carried out by the Perm division of Sverdlovskaya railway is in charge of registering and shipping any cargo and is capable of providing customers with ordinary or specialized rolling-stock. 

The main railways included in division’s fixed assets extend to 2,042 thousand km.

Permcan boast of a 6000 km long motorway network with hard paving. Annual cargo-turnover of motor-transports is about 340000000 tons/km.

Oil and gas pipelines of both national and international significance pass through the territory of the Region and linkWestern SiberiawithEurope. Gas transportation goes through 14 of the largest arterial gas pipelines. Two of them - Urengoy-Uzhgorod and Yamburg-Zapadnaya granitsa (Western border) provide gas exports.